Sunday, June 27, 2010


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I know. I know. I haven't been baking in weeks now. :( 3rd term started last Monday. Was busy with schoolwork and studies and other stuffs till my body was to the point of exhaustion on Saturday. Feeling sickish and I could really fall anytime. However, with a good good rest today on Sunday, my body is back to normal. :)

And since the last week, I'm feeling anxious! I'm going to be a Daring Baker soon! 1st of July! I can't wait! This anticipation is killing me! xDDD Also, another good news, I spent $50 on some new baking equipments. :) An 8 inch removable bottom pie tray, 24 tart moulds, glycerine (something I could never find in any stores in Brunei except for this one place at Bandar, Le Apple) and Wilton's Decorating Course Practice Board. Some of you might think a practice board is unnecessary and a waste of money. But it feels great to own something like it, though it's not exactly a good learning tool for you can find more detailed decorating tips online. This is my first time investing money in my baking. Feels AWESOME! Oh just wait till I work and earn more money, I'll have my fantastic kitchen full of fantastic baking tools. :)

No worries. I will be back with baking soon for my first Daring Baker Challenge! xDD


Thursday, June 17, 2010

just some thoughts.

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Since I've started this blog, I've been browsing through cake blogs and read lots about the journeys of other bakers. It is not surprising to feel intimidated as I'll somehow compare myself with them. Their baking, their recipes, and even their blog! Some have wonderfully-written blogs that inspires people.

Now this is not what I am capable of. I've never really enjoyed writing. To me, writing is a tedious work. Whenever there's essay writing assignments to do, I can never wait to get it over with. So I guess my writing skills are just so-so. They're elementary (?) standard if you ask me. The only time I enjoy writing is when I write emo posts in Chinese. I think Chinese essays are beautiful. :) The characters looked delicate arranged in different ways, expressing the different emotions each character can carry. I find it amazing how simplified Chinese can be when you can describe a lot of thing with perhaps with one or two characters (letters). Unfortunately English can't do this. Nevertheless, writing is still not something I enjoy.

Now back to the intimidated issue. I managed to convince myself that there's nothing to be intimidated of. The purpose of having this "nurainicious. bits and pieces." blog is not to tell the world how awesome my writing is. It is surely a good way to make others understand what I'm trying to present but I believe it is the baking that matters. I want to share my baking with everyone out there, especially young bakers like me. :) Baking is my passion so nothing will get into my way. *well, maybe except for financial problems ==*

I know I haven't been baking lately. I am having my second term hols now and I have lots of free time. But I've been going out quite often and my grandparents are here. Sometimes I can't stand people prying at what I am doing while baking. It's just my habit. So usually I am alone in the kitchen busy baking, or with my siblings helping me out. But 85% of the time, I'm alone. I signed up to be a Daring Baker last night. I can't wait for my first challenge! Hopefully I'll be able to bake what is challenged. :)

So no worries, I will go back to baking soon! I made a tiramisu trifle three days ago but I don't plan to share it here for I think its not exactly baking. All I did was to mix every bought ingredients together and assemble them. No baking whatsoever. So it doesn't feel "original" to share. If you get what I mean. Haha.

Alright then. Imma end my thoughts here. Lunch time for me! I'm starving! Have a good day people!


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